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Expressive Arts at Work offers Expressive Arts workshops that are a cutting-edge approach designed to develop and enhance mental wellness, promote community and connection, creativity and develop personal leadership. Expressive Arts is a discipline that uses the arts as its basis for personal, team and community growth. In these workshops utilizing multiple art disciplines, the senses are awakened providing pathways to creativity, connection, new perspectives, group efficiency and a mindful approach to health and wellness.


Now more than ever there is a need to focus on both personal and corporate mental and emotional health, wellness, and self-care. It is critical to support employees and communities to build resilience in individuals so they can be fully engaged, healthy and have the tools and resources to overcome challenges and life’s obstacles.  Research finds that companies that invest in mental health of their employees have increased moral and increased attractiveness for their talent pool. Workshops are developed so everyone can participate and no prior art experience is needed. 

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Carey X Kramer is the owner of Expressive Arts at Work, a San Diego-based company that works within the discipline of Expressive Arts to bridge the gap between the arts and the corporate world. In addition to her Masters of Arts (MA) degree in Expressive Arts Therapy/Psychology and an MBA, she has over two decades of experience in consulting, marketing and brand management. This makes her uniquely qualified to offer an innovative approach to enhancing creativity, building relationships, and improving communication and trust within teams and individuals. Having worked on many teams at diverse companies, Carey has a deep understanding of corporate dynamics, structures, and needs. She brings the full scope of her talents to organizations with interactive workshops to strengthen team function, creativity, trust, and communication.

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