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Team-Building Workshops

Looking to build relationships, trust, and communication in a new and dynamic way? Expressive Arts at Works creates team-building workshop designed to connect the team on a deeper, more personal level through a shared expressive arts experience to deepen and develop listening skills, build trust and strengthen interpersonal communication. 


Art disciplines that will be utilized during team-building workshop include guided visual art using painting, storytelling, writing prompts, and a guided meditation.  No art experience needed, just an open and curious mind.


Workshops are offered both in-person and virtually. 


Benefits of Expressive Arts-based Team-building Experiences

  • Creating art together helps gain insight, widen perspectives and inspires groups to come up with creative solutions 

  • Through the process of community art creation, team members learn how to use resources, think outside the box, and use imagination in new ways

  • Stimulates thinking and helps creative problem solving

  • Helps develop better listening and communication skills 

  • Raises spirit and creates trust in the team

  • Doing artwork as a team creates a foundation of trust and community within groups 

  • Creates opportunity to engage in team building in new and creative ways and explore challenges and opportunities through a fresh lens catapulting teams to success

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