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Therapeutic Services



Expressive Arts Therapy is an integrative, multimodal therapeutic approach that focuses on the creative process to gain access to client’s inner resources for healing, clarity, and personal growth. 


Art modalities utilized include visual art, poetry, drama, music, and movement. In private or group sessions, utilizing multiple art disciplines, the senses are awakened providing pathways to creativity, connection and new perspectives that can lead to profound healing and change. Sessions are developed so everyone can participate and are designed so clients can uncover, rediscover, and explore different facets of their life through the multi-modalities guided process.  


The experience is guided to provide resources that the client can then apply from the art process to provide insight to life challenges to promote growth, clarity and healing .  


Expressive Arts at Work offers private, couple/family and group therapy sessions. 


Sessions are offered both in-person and virtually. 



  • Exploring the Light and Shadow Self

  • Creating a Bridge: A Time to Reflect, Heal and Move Forward

  • Kintsugi and Embracing our Brokenness

  • Expanding and Embracing Self Love

  • Moving through Regret and Self-Doubt

  • Life Events through Comic Book Creation

  • Letter from Future or Past Self

  • Creating a Personal Re-definition of “Recovery” through a poetry and visual arts exploration

  • Deepening Your Self-Care Practice through Expressive Arts

  • Full Moon and Letting Go Ritual

  • Blind Contour Self-Portrait and Emotion Drawings

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