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Custom Workshops

New team coming together for a product launch, change in leadership or do you desire to bring your employees together to focus on self-care, creativity, resilience or improve communication and trust.  Reach out with your needs and Expressive Arts at Work will develop a workshop specifically designed to meet your needs.  


Workshops are offered both in-person and virtually. 


Other opportunities for corporate workshops include:

  • Leadership development

  • Creativity session at meetings

  • Teams facing internal conflict

  • Launch of new initiatives or projects

  • Leadership changes


Would you like to mark the occasion of one life’s transitions in a special and connecting way through an Expressive Arts ritual such as a blessingway, baby shower, birth, engagement, or end of life celebration?  Expressive Arts at Work can lead a ceremony that celebrates, connects, and heals using the power of the arts and the experience of creating guided artwork in community.  Reach out for more details and specifics around your needs. 

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